Motherhood Weekend

This was one of those weekends where mothering was the apex of the time.  It can be challenging to try to get across the importance of dailiness to people.  In this case, I was able to spend nearly all of Saturday and much of Friday night in the same room as my teen.

Being a mother continues to be somehow both normal and strange.  The ideas people have about how to be a mother, how to be oneself while being a mother – to be perfect: idealism and pressures to be perfectionistic or the instant martyr because of being a mother abound.  “Now that you are a mother, just be a fountain of endless unconditional love and endless generously giving kindness.”  Simple enough?!

Women hiding in bathrooms crying with the door locked, “OMG,” as mascara runs down the cheeks, “Is that really what they, or even I think I have to be like now?!”

Motherhood is truly rewarding and can be done as a spiritual path; it is a way to let go of selfishness, to cultivate unconditional love and the ideals mentioned above.  It is also a review of everything you forgot because you outgrew it.  Well, there it is again, only this time, one gets to deal with it as the adult.  Sometimes its fun to parent, like when th kid/s are loving and cute and sometimes it isn’t like when someone has crap in their diaper or chucks a spoon across the room or sobs their guts out because you or the other parents went to work or someone hit another one of the children – or years and years of homework.  Its just real life.  This weekend, I enjoyed mothering my son.  Thank God! or should that be God/ess?

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