Supernatural Chat

This is a running joke between myself and my son.  Wouldn’t this be easier if we could just email prayers and other messages to God and just check the forums for answers from God and to chat with other followers.

Was that a ghost?!  Not sure?  Don’t worry, just go to and ask there.

Today in real life, I’m hoping that “Occupy Wall Street” leads to flushing out any crooks heavily involved in the US Banking industry masquerading as legitimate leaders – they may be ‘high class’ but perhaps that’s a bias.  When I was working as a gardener – which was actually one of the healthiest jobs I’ve ever had: my hair resumed a natural blonde it hadn’t seen since I was a 2 year old, I worked for wealthy people.  My main boss told me that he had bothered to select people who were both morally good and wealthy.  He told me that he’d met different ethical orientations amongst the upper classes just as the same diversity is found amongst the lower classes.  This will be worth keeping in mind, and I don’t just mean the blond hair and fair wage.

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