Writer Ecstatic from being Paid – Another day in Germany

No, I did not get rich overnight….in fact, I haven’t even earned my way back out of being poor.  Thanks to the kindness and protection of others I have not been slammed into poverty because of writing for pay without either a good provider husband or a good day job: although I was educated to have the day job and spent some time as a woman with a half decent husband.  Despite these hurdles and dependencies, sometimes I even get paid for doing my job.

The truth is that for people with Master’s degrees, or PDs with BS degrees, earning over $30,000 is pretty normal, even for women – at least in the USA, unless they’re/we’re home with little kids.  Well, that makes a few hundred bucks a week ‘not much’….but for anyone who’s gone without a job, or had to provide everything for another, wow – a few hundred bucks a week really helps.

Today, I sent out care packages and “could still breathe even though I spent”.  Its a very overcast, cool day in Germany.  Wow, I’ve been paid for 3 months in a row so far to ghostwrite.  The client is actually paying me $0.20/word to ghostwrite him a decent novel – it really is his idea, which is why he is the author and paying for the service.  I told my son, truthfully, that this is work I don’t even feel ashamed to have done.  I’ve had jobs I feel ashamed that I was denigrated enough to have to do, in the USA.

I hope nothing bad happens to me for being so direct and financially open.  Naturally, I hope to God that I do very good work for this client and that I will be able to start getting book publishing contracts that come with advances and to get more decent paying work without whoever is paying acting like they have a claim on my soul – unless they’re good people protecting my soul instead of the usual exploitation that most people experience here or there sooner or later.

Yes, as a matter of fact, life is spiritual, and having meaningful work that doesn’t oppress people – either because of its effects or because of what it is like for the people to do, that is always a triumph of the spirit.

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