How Interactive is this? “Hey, that’s my Dad”.

Yesterday’s blog post was a direct response to an article a woman posted which showed up in my Facebook News Feed.  While at home this evening I was emailed and told someone had subscribed.  Well, I was pleased and naturally curious – to my own surprise the subscriber turned out to be my father.

Well, last week I read a blog post about something another man did with his daughter: they forged a blade together.  It was so good that I ended up posting a comment like “Wow,thanks Dad!”  even though the father isn’t my Dad, but is a guy 1 year older than me who has published 10 novels so far – speaking of WOW.

I used to tell my father I am a writer while he watched the football game with his wife in the 2nd story of the house.  “That’s nice Mirs,” he’d say.  “If that’s what you are then write and succeed.”  He was always encouraging but never offered any precise help.  In some ways this was probably more helpful.  My father and I often relate well but when we don’t its usually because we have totally different points to emphasize in the mountain range of our conversation.  Thanks again for your show of support Dad.

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