The Unexpected Power of Saying Yes

While checking over today’s Facebook messages, I read this neat article about a middle aged woman who noticed she’s said ‘no’ so much for 18 years that she’s bothering to say yes to new experiences.  There was space to comment and I was going to post there, but then I discovered that they actually gave me the option of connecting to something I’d written somewhere else.  I’d seen this done by others before but have never done it myself.

Well, for me, trying new things using the technologies made available to laptop and PC users is a big way that I’ve been learning to try new things.  It doesn’t always go well, but sometimes it does and its possible that I have learned more than I think.

I think its good that this lady has started saying yes.  Personally, I’m dealing with living in a country where they speak my native language as a second language.  I came here for parenting purposes but could have ‘gotten out of it’ if I had wanted to.  For me, saying ‘yes’ can be as simple as having my son help me to say Weidervereinigung Deutschlands because today is the holiday of German Reunification and naturally one of the German words for it is so long, that it could be used as a meter stick in a long jumping contest for little kids.

I got excited because someone has apparently just Googled my name.  My name and uranian fiction are both good ways for people to find more that I have written.  Thanks.  This is a little weird for a response to another woman’s article, but its an attempt at ‘yes’.

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