Small Miracles

Yesterday I surmounted what has felt like a huge obstacle.  When I was a girl, I was often in the front – I needed eyeglasses to see and got easily distracted so I liked to sit up front because that made it easier to pay attention.  Much as I enjoyed being right a lot and the strokes from the teacher, what no one else may have known, is that I was always curious about what the other kids were doing.  Essentially I like people, even though I get along better with some than others – just like everyone else.  Well, now and then I see why I was interested in everyone else and not really only in the teacher.

During the past few years I’ve noticed that there’s a lot going on with people making and using websites and all kinds of stuff.  Well, you can check out but I’d also like to share another small feat:  I managed to make a little video.  Please check it out.

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