Writer Under the Weather

Today, the weather in Germany is cool, literally, again.  Somehow the German I spent over 9 years sharing a home with and had a baby with never mentioned to me that the weather is chronically cooler in Germany, at least in the Summer.  It feels like early Autumn today, just like it did back in June, July and August.  My father – who is still alive, bless his soul, would love it because he comes from Cali and his biggest complaint in life has been too much heat.  He met my mother in German lessons at Whittier College in the 1950s not aware of the fact that Germany had his favorite climate and was keeping the information “encrypted” in the very different German language.  Well, that’s a little strange truth, after all.

Today is a day where I have plenty of work to do but mainly wish to be lovingly comforted; plenty of cold medicine and back to bed, perhaps with a movie or a good book and that’s about all I’m up for.

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