Sharing info & the beauty of LinkedIn

Hello.  This blog post is occurring thanks to a post in a conversation at a LinkedIn writer’s group.  In reality, I belong to 10 or so groups.  They are full of amazing people.  Despite Buddhist teachings about how we are all one and “I”  = Lie, somehow, I personally believe that one of the best things about other people is that they actually are someone other than myself.  Yes, we are all connected but everyone gets tired of talking to themself sooner or later.  So, thank God you’re out there, and you’re real and you’re not all exactly like me.

Right now, I’m so small time, that all I can tell you is that Alethia Publishing is actually bringing out An Adventure in Indianapolis, this year, or in 2012 at the latest, and that Literary Lunes is bringing out an anthology presenting a juvenile short story called Jimmy Bodeilo Travels Through Time.  The first story is about how a government sanctioned small group helps the city cope with some smooth criminals.  They’re “just” drug dealers who really are doing it as much for money as “because they like to party”.  The second story is about how a kid is able to travel through time even though “he’s just a kid playing in his own bedroom closet”.

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