Longer Update – Starting Year 2 in Germany = Life.de

It’s still absolutely beautiful where I currently live.  It looks worthy of conquest.  That may sound ‘sick’ but I did relocate here from the gorgeous lands of North America which were taken by force from people already living there who knew they had nice lands.  That has affected the way I view it.

Most like Indiana around here: corn fields and industrial 21st century wind mills.  Most different?  The people speak strangely when they speak German and they use so much brick around here that one will either get used to it or get sick from it.  Its not even bad, but it does take some getting used to.  They run electrical current at high enough voltage to fry all American equipment.  Traffic is slow and easy in the villages even though they have no upper speed limit on the highways, where either you get it right or you die in the car crash.

Luckily, Victor Orgazi hired me to help him out by ghostwriting a novel idea he has.  I am so grateful as I needed work and I like this way more than “Do you want fries with that?” for hours on end.  Also, Hypergrid Business has permitted me to write for it.  So,between that and help I am managing to get by financially.  As usual, could use a good beaux and as usual, am attracted to more than one man.

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