Cross Pollination with Michy’s Dark – Roasted Memories

Somehow, via Facebook and other inroads and the mutual benevolence of writers and of women I managed to find Michelle Devon’s blog about scent.  I agree with her that the natural scent of a man, when particularly pleasant can be as powerful of a factor as his appearance and whether he is kind and spends money etc..

Anyways, Michy asked others to blog a little bit about favorite scents.  She cited coffee and a certain pipe tobacco as favorites.  I would have to say that: patchouli oil, dragon’s blood incense, sometimes myself, a number of men – when neither too perfumed nor too dirty, oak trees, maple trees, certain vibrant forests during the growing season which have a special blend of living trees…I can’t list them all, often a combination of coniferous trees and deciduous tress together with perhaps the faint scent of recent rain and clean soil.  That’s part of why a walk in the woods is so invigorating for me.  By nature I am a Northern hemisphere forest dwelling creature, although I am a human.

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