Return of a Blogger

Well, hurricane Irene is passing through the Eastern seaboard and I’m safe and sound in Germany.  They say that we should ‘count our blessings’ I’m trying to interpret this as being one.

Today I read about a 6 fingered & toed guy.  I saw photos.  What’s so great about it, is that it is very obviously not a birth defect at all and his feet are the same way.  In truth, I have heard of this before, but hadn’t seen anyone like that.  It has been rather common in some times and places in history. Of course, if the majority are like that: if they invented the math it would be different because we can get further counting using the hands.

Speaking of variations of normal amongst human beings: apparently, I am eminently typical in many ways, but I got an extra lumbar and extra “IQ” points.  Unfortunately, extra IQ doesn’t come with a guaranteed extra “”EQ” but does come with strong feelings, but there is some potential for it.  Anyways, both are also rare but known to exist.  The extra lumbar actually makes it harder for me to balance well and maybe that’s why I don’t always like to sit still that much.  I don’t know of any benefits of it.  Luckily, it also doesn’t cause any real problems.

So, recently I have been watching episodes of the Justice League with my son and noticing that whoever wrote the episode might have been paid well and that a TV show is a respectable credit for a writer.

Longer Update – Starting Year 2 in Germany =

It’s still absolutely beautiful where I currently live.  It looks worthy of conquest.  That may sound ‘sick’ but I did relocate here from the gorgeous lands of North America which were taken by force from people already living there who knew they had nice lands.  That has affected the way I view it.

Most like Indiana around here: corn fields and industrial 21st century wind mills.  Most different?  The people speak strangely when they speak German and they use so much brick around here that one will either get used to it or get sick from it.  Its not even bad, but it does take some getting used to.  They run electrical current at high enough voltage to fry all American equipment.  Traffic is slow and easy in the villages even though they have no upper speed limit on the highways, where either you get it right or you die in the car crash.

Luckily, Victor Orgazi hired me to help him out by ghostwriting a novel idea he has.  I am so grateful as I needed work and I like this way more than “Do you want fries with that?” for hours on end.  Also, Hypergrid Business has permitted me to write for it.  So,between that and help I am managing to get by financially.  As usual, could use a good beaux and as usual, am attracted to more than one man.

Cross Pollination with Michy’s Dark – Roasted Memories

Somehow, via Facebook and other inroads and the mutual benevolence of writers and of women I managed to find Michelle Devon’s blog about scent.  I agree with her that the natural scent of a man, when particularly pleasant can be as powerful of a factor as his appearance and whether he is kind and spends money etc..

Anyways, Michy asked others to blog a little bit about favorite scents.  She cited coffee and a certain pipe tobacco as favorites.  I would have to say that: patchouli oil, dragon’s blood incense, sometimes myself, a number of men – when neither too perfumed nor too dirty, oak trees, maple trees, certain vibrant forests during the growing season which have a special blend of living trees…I can’t list them all, often a combination of coniferous trees and deciduous tress together with perhaps the faint scent of recent rain and clean soil.  That’s part of why a walk in the woods is so invigorating for me.  By nature I am a Northern hemisphere forest dwelling creature, although I am a human.