Spring 2011

This year’s first quarter has been a bit unusual.  I have managed to find some article writing contracts, to make a few book review deals.  I have extended to Angie’s Diary.  Thanks to Beth Bethany an author interview has occurred.  This is thanks to Dave Wiseheart.  There are people who have read An Adventure in Indianapolis – hopefully lots more people will love it.  I have abided by a simple truth: when I write something like a novel or story – the idea is that it makes some readers happy.

Lately, I’ve continued pursuing spiritual interests and knowledge.  One of the things is “does it help others”?  and things like, “Did that make you happy?”  A lot of actions and events that make me happy are effective and fleeting: this is because life is dynamic and so are needs.  We all have preferences.  Yesterday, I admitted to Iranian women who have taken German lessons with me: someone just loves football – but for some reason with me, I end up checking out druids or the Lamas as well as Spring fashions.  I just like stuff like that.  I don’t even know why I do.