Uranian Fiction

Uranian Fiction is the umbrella name for all of my fiction writings, past, present and future.  It may ultimately prove to be the real “business name” I should have always used.  One day last month, I had at least 5 minutes where I thought this was going to be the name of the small publishing company I was suddenly going to produce.

It is a phrase that came to me, with an indescribable power, a very long time ago.  It seems to include individuality, with the sense of outer space and the arcane.  It turns out that alternative sexuality has also used the word “uranian”.  The astrologers also use this planetary reference.  Uranus is the new ruler of Aquarius – here in we are living in the early phase of the Age of Aquarius with freedoms for the left-handed and for women as well as for men of many races.

I felt better about social progress when I saw some Charter from the middle ages over in England – it was about white men obtaining greater civil rights from other white men.  That puts this whole thing in its proper perspective.

Uranian Fiction is about each individual story: about the weaving together of truth and falsehood: how our own truths block someone else’s truth and vice versa.  The first novel – about Gezka FaucMerz and Kiel Bronson which made it through 5 readers but ran into process trouble when my first marriage wobbled worse than Neptune on its other axis…and the second novel, much as I hadn’t thought of it that way at first, is Uranian Fiction as well.  Search it: it looks like it might double as high powered keywords….Or is it just that my PC/laptop is cued into me, and so it told me that Uranian Fiction means – you’ll find my work?

The Terror of Freelancing

Freelancing is so fun and exciting because we are so independent and can learn hands on.  What I have also found, during the past few years, is that it is repeatedly terrifying.  The way that a freelancer works puts him or her [they, by strange modern convention] at the equivalent of the front end of a ship at sea.  When sailing onward, but its all bids and no contracts or deals that fall through, it is frightening.

It  makes one want  just have a day job nestled in the giant arms of a large corporation where people in other departments make sure there is a steady stream of contracts coming.