Nancy’s Thanksgiving Deadtown & Mim’s An Adventure in Indianapolis

Nancy blogged about her T-day meal.  I got lucky myself, because I connected with other women who cook.  The joke here, though is that I have romanced Men Who Cook.  In a cruel jest, my most recent Lovey Dovey friend cooked for another Man on Thanksgiving but not for me or my son.  Ouch-wa-ha!  The other man BOUGHT the groceries most likely – long story.  Anyways, both my son and I managed to have a good time.  I do not hate cooking or anything, and with the right companions  in the kitchen with me, I’d do it for a Holiday like this, but in all honesty I’m really glad I made it through another Thanksgiving without having to cook or buy food but getting to eat anyways.  If I were wealthy enough for people to expect me to have servants do this, then no one would view it as unfeminine of me to not cook.  However, down in the lower classes people tend to treat me like I’m either a little  odd or a radical gender bender.