Believe it or not, I started Blogging over at Blogit…

Uranian Fiction or Miriam S Pia?

Hello everyone.

As an author, I felt a catchy business name would be great:  Introducing Uranian Fiction! There are currently 2 URLs that have this name: you can, or should be able to buy my 2nd novel in its e-format through either.

Today’s news: 1) Hiring a friend to have a colleague to grow my business with me.  The opening?  Its to find opps that suit me and to write up bid proposals for me.  The more I earn, the more likely this position is to grow.  Wow, me, hiring an employee!

Latest book summary for BookRags – my biggest paying and longest term paying client so far in the history of my writing business – The Anatomy of Melancholy.

Freelancing…when I just write for pay, then I feel like my name makes a better business name “for now” but as soon as I’m doing fiction rather than nonfiction I have this glossy image of Uranian Fiction as being awesome.

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