To Blog or Not to Blog – styrofoam imitations of Shakespeare 2014

At this point in history there is probably a large amount of styrofoam in land fills of the nations that have used that substance for decades. There are also some copies of Shakespeare’s works because more new copies of the same works will be sold instead of re-selling the old used copies in part because they were not treated as though they were precious most of the time, but when they were new and when they got lucky and belonged to someone who liked Shakespeare then they were treated as if they were special.

The number of blog posts that I have produced approaches 600 but has not led to amazing online friendships or the godsend of business contacts of any kind. I had hoped that at the very least those people willing and able to like and actually buy some of my creative literary works, or to provide me more work or to offer me literary agent representation would find me thanks to the daily blogging.

A few people have kept in touch and I did not mean to make those of you who have bothered to read the blog feel de-valued by this.

The simple question is about figuring out how to get the results that I desire – I would strongly prefer to be a good person while I do so because I honestly believe that it is better and happier to be a good person than a bad one.

Piggy backing success and nonsequiters of the learning process 2014

The reality is that quite possibly every one of you, my learning is somewhat selective. Perhaps it would be just as air to say that the methods I tend to prefer for learning, vary. Instead of just reading all about writing as a profession I have tended to enjoy just doing it and going for it and then when I can’t ignore the fact that I need to learn something more or new I do. This is despite having been an enthusiastic and diligent student as a child and young woman in general.

Most people also have some built in biases – both good ones and bad ones. Now and then we can all learn to see when that is what is causing the problem and work through it. There is a lot about being a professional writer that I am only willing to learn about interactively – whether in person in the same room at the same time, or online, as well as some through learning about it in advance.

What has happened is that sales – which I was raised to be prejudiced against, has come back in a kind of vicious cycle. When I first wrote a novel I actually believed I was avoiding the sales process only to find out that I was only delaying when I was going to have to sell copies of my published works. On the best of days – best psychological adjustment, it is kind of like when someone enjoys having parents but then finds out about where they came from, but on bad days it is way more like having accidentally caused one of the kinds of activities one was actively avoiding in part because it was viewed as ‘bad’.

I read some industry news and watched some videos. I don’t know whether or not I would have screamed and cried or just chosen a different pass time or if I would have ploughed ahead and done the same thing anyway when I first turned to writing something for publication while a college student at home not spending money I didn’t have….If I had been told that the most probable outcome of writing a high quality novel would be to have to sell it a lot personally.

Kaos Blog Day 2014

The ancient art of augury. Reading all the signs and being able to make predictions, even when the information is like the following: the local wind direction and air humidity and animal traffic indicate that to the East, the horses will react badly to human efforts to make them travel in bad weather. Because of that a variety of activities will be postponed and that effects other people and so, because of that some weirdo who’s role is to make predictions that seem to come out of nowhere to other people can tell by which animals are hiding or which birds are flying that someone will show up at a bad time and a battle will be lost by Side X or a marriage proposal will be accepted for Person Q.

I personally believe that some of the world’s gentlest chaos is everyone under 5 years of age.

Every emotion every day is actually normal. Ask new parents if you have forgotten about that. I relearned it when my now 18 year old was a very young child.

A lot of the time a hug or letting someone get up and run around makes everything all better, at least for a little while.

Collections 2014

Sometimes people get a lot of something and call the group a collection.

There are organizations that have collections departments to get what is owed to them.

For those well versed in the language it is not confusing. For those who are not it could confusing are prone to misuse.

As a teen I first developed a record collection. I don’t know how others would view it but it was a lot of fun and a big deal at the time. I have managed to keep something right along those lines ever since. Culturally, I think most people do, but it is not supposed to have become some kind of requirement. I do not have all the music that I have bought at this time. I suspect a lot of people my age also find that to be true in their cases. I think I have 40 to 45 albums in the forms of CDs and cassettes at the moment. I have probably only had a few hundred in my entire life so far.

What is different is that in my mid 30s I adopted a husband’s video collection. Whether good or bad, he has not been my husband in more years than he was my husband for: perhaps it is very hard for me to have a husband or I am much more challenging to have as a wife than it would seem on a relaxed and good natured day. I don’t know, but later, in my early 40s for the first time I actually began to develop a video collection. It is now as big as my music collection, but there is music in the video collection. I guess this is obvious.

I suppose it is just a bit like it was when I first developed a music collection in that for some reason it feels kind of like a big deal even though it is also not a very big deal.

Cross-cultural Wednesday aka Mittwoch

Anytime one goes from one culture to another, people tend to learn at least a little something about themselves as well as others. There is no guarantee that what one learns is good or sad and bad.

For my own part, when I spent time in England, what I had in mind aside from making progress on my studies and doing some work and travel, was to find out a little more who I would feel that I am when immersed into another culture. For some reason, perhaps due to the same language or my own identifications with my English ancestors esp. the female ones or because the language is mostly the same, I was afraid of losing my identity but thought I might find a little more about what my subjective truth is like – much like holding a gem or piece of cut glass up to different lights. It is the same thing no matter what.

With Germany, especially due to the language difference and a few other factors I noticed that I feel more defensive about my identity. I am not sure why, but it may stem from identifying with the English language. It may be because I did not enter the country on ‘a program’.

Regardless of the country, unless one is a short term visitor or on a fixed program people in other countries tend to make one or two assumptions. One is to assume that whoever is foreign should or is trying to become a citizen – is an immigrant. The other main assumption is that the person is a short term visitor who needs to leave. In some circles international activity is valued highly and even advertised as something good, but often enough people do not react very well to foreigners or to being foreign.

More Writer’s Advice

The following pieces of information are both true but may seem to directly conflict with each other.

To succeed as a professional writer, you should be flexible and try many types of writing.

To succeed as a professional writer, you should find a niche where you are paid well and then stay there, wracking up payments and points by writing more in your niche than everyone outside of that specialty – sometimes more than everyone else put together (sad, but true except for the happy workaholics among us).

Amateur writing can be the same way, but it depends on how you developed. Through about the 3rd year of university I was still getting the odd English literature course. For those who wish to scour the past looking for precursors, I wrote a one act play in the 2nd grade outside of school, kept a diary, and did get published in the high school magazine when I graduated.

Most of the professional writing I have done has involved parameters unlike those in the literature courses and I have never been paid for writing in iambic pentameter but think it would be truly great (not being sarcastic) if I had been paid to do that by now.

Random & Spontaneous 2014

As March comes to an end, the amount of light here in North Germany continues to change at a rate of 2 hours every 6 weeks. It is now dusk at 8:15pm. At Winter Solstice dusk occurred at 3pm which made me and a lot of other creatures – human and nonhuman, want to just curl up and bury oneself until – March actually, when it is now quite alright to come out again.

Today’s weather was even warm and Sunny without too much wind. Wind is common around here and while it is often pleasantly Sunny, the condition of it being actually ‘warm’ in Germany is rather rare. It is quite true, but it isn’t good and until I lived in it for a few years and lived where it actually gets a little hot in the Summers (but usually below homeostatic 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit), I think I just found it unbelievable and went into denial that it could really be that easy for plants to grow so well without it ever getting hot enough to go to the beach and eat ice cream – but in Germany, it has not been warm enough for that except for maybe 2 days in the preceding 3 Summers. Yikes.